Brand: Nguồn điện liên tục - Opti UPS

SV-Y33 5KV-200KV

• Voltage range is the maximum: nominal voltage of input is between ± 15%~30%.
• Voltage range is the precisest : after use AVR, the error of voltage out put is less than ± 1%.

• Overload capacity is the strongest : can resist 150% above sudden overload without causing voltage to go down extremely .

• Reaction time is the fastest: the speed of voltage regulation is lower than 0.1 second.

• Output efficiency is the best: from zero to full loading, the output ef ficiency is all above 95% .

• Using single mode-design: easy to make a replacement of parts .

• Main AVR use h-grade material: can prolong the life of machine.

• LED display restoration mode.

• Safety hiding-style switch shield: can prevent damage or erro r man-made action during transportation and cause no voltage to output.

• Use double layers in pc board: can prevent contact fault and prolong machine life.

• No-fuse hiding switch: can prevent man-made damage or careles s machine shutdown.

• Central axle of main AVR use aluminum material: can prevent to loosen and help to tra nsmit heats.

Model Name SV5KY33 SV30KY33 SV45KY33 SV75KY33 SV100KY33 SV125KY33 SV150KY33 SV200KY33
Topology Low Frequency / Servo Type
Power Factor 0.8~1
Maximum Capacity 5KVA 30KVA 45KVA 75KVA 100KVA 125KVA 150KVA 200KVA
Input Voltage 200V,220V,230V,240V,254V,380V,390V,400V,415V,440V,460V,480V
Input Frequency 60Hz/50Hz ±5%
Phase Three phase 3Φ3W/G or 3Φ4W, or other special voltage
Response time Input voltage starting alteration within 0.1 sec start adjusting
Output Voltage 200V,220V,230V,240V,254V,380V,390V,400V,415V,440V,460V,480V
Output Frequency 60Hz/50Hz ±5%
Phase Three phase 3Φ3W/G or 3Φ4W
Wave distortion less than 1% and with amending wave function
Protection Overload, phase lagged, surge, bypass, delay switch
self-setting over high and over low voltage protection.
Phase unbalanced to 30% may amend balance within 2%
Overload Capacity When loaded 150% more than 10sec.
When loaded 200% more than 2sec.
Temperature 0°C~45°C
Humidity 0~95%
Dimensions (W×H×D) 57×39×59 cm 116×66×104 cm 54×106×83 cm 64×116×103 cm 75×137×153 cm
Weight 55kg 130kg 169kg 300kg 320kg 320kg 330kg 600kg