Mở rộng tiềm năng của lực lượng lao động di động của bạn, với phạm vi nhỏ gọn và gồ ghề của Toshiba của máy in hóa đơn di động 3-inch. Bền và bền; được thiết kế cho người sử dụng, hoạt động dễ dàng, hiển thị đầy đủ màu sắc và tính linh hoạt để hoạt động trong các môi trường làm việc đa dạng nhất. Công nghệ cho mọi nơi làm việc, cung cấp các chức năng tiên tiến, dễ sử dụng và yên tâm. Dựa trên triết lý này, dòng sản phẩm B-FP3 có thể xử lý rất nhiều ứng dụng trên phạm vi rộng nhất của thị trường. Từ POS di động hoặc hàng đợi busting, thông qua để phát hành vé hoặc biên nhận ở bên đường và tiền mặt cho giao hàng cho hoạt động hậu cần.

So simple to use

Small & light, easy to handle, the B-FP3 series has been designed with the user in-mind. Simple to operate with a full color graphical LCD display, providing easily visible status updates. Drop in, large capacity media loading, for quick and efficient media changes and a double tear-off bar for operator flexibility.
Durability built in

For the ultimate in durability the B-FP3 series is protected on all sides by robust rubber bumpers and boasts a drop test of up to 1.6 m. This rugged portable device can endure extreme conditions, whatever your printing requirement.

Ready when you are!

Market leading print speeds of up to 6 inches per second, faster processing with an advanced CPU and a rapid boot time, guarantee the B-FP3 is ready to print, quickly and efficiently . A long-life, powerful battery offers extended operational time to keep your business moving - and minimize down-time

Charging - anytime; anyplace; anywhere

Keep your workforce on the move, with the most flexible range of charging options. For current users of Toshiba B-EP portable products, the B-FP3 series is be compatible with the existing power options, this enables easy expansion of your mobile applications. However, for new applications and to keep costs to a minimum, the B-FP3 is the first printer on the market to work with “off-the shelf” wireless charging QI products and also has an adapter enabling the use of commercially available power supplies. So now you can charge your printers anytime, anyplace, anywhere, reducing the need for specialist options.

Adaptable connectivity

The B-FP3 series can not only expand existing mobile systems but has everything on-board to be compatible with the latest systems including JPOS/OPOS drivers for retail operations; 
SDK and DLL for iOS and Android; Win CE and Win Mobile.
Language capabilities - TPCL, ZPL, CPCL, TEC Label and ESC/POS commands Open type fonts as standard
. NFC for BT pairing 
. MDM for Airwatch 
FThe EP range is Wi-Fi certified, making networking to all wireless or cabled systems a breeze.
USB 2.0 and IrDA (infrared) are standard across the EP models. Simply choose between Bluetooth, wireless LAN and serial.


Queue busting, promotions, mobile POS
Warehouse and logistics
Invoices, parcel tracking, delivery notes, Route Sales and accounting.
Event and meal tickets, mobile POS
Mobile pharmacy, and document
Public services
Traffic wardens, police, facilities operatives and public transport (tickets, fines, utility billing, meter reading, etc.)
Field support
PAT testing, receipts for field sales and support charges.

Technology Direct thermal
Dimensions (excluding projecting parts) 102 (W) x 125 (D) x 76 (H) mm
Weight 0.7kg (incl. battery)
User interface 128 x 128 pixel Graphic Color Display
2 x LED (colors: green, amber, red), 3 x keys
Operating temperature -15 °C to 50 °C
Power supply 2.5 Ah Li-ion battery
Memory 64 MB FROM and 16 MB SRAM
Resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Max. print speed 152 mm/second (6ips)
Printer type Receipt
Paper width 24 mm / 0.95" - 80mm / 3.17"
Media roll size (OD) 66.8 mm / 2.65"
Drop-in media Yes
  USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Dual or Wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n)
  AC Adapter, DC Adapter, Cigarette Lighter Adapter,
Spare Battery, Battery Charger (1 or 6 slot),
Wireless Charger Kit, Linerless Label Kit
Printer Drivers Windows 10/8/7 (32/64 bit)
Windows Server 2012/ Server2008 (32/64 bit)
Language mode TPCL, LABEL, ZPL II , CPCL,RECEIPT, ESC/POS, BCI (function)
SDK iOS, Android, Windows CE / Windows Mobile