Brand: Nguồn điện liên tục - Opti UPS

DS-I 1-10KVA

• Zero transfer time

• Wide range of input frequency (40~70Hz) and Output frequency 50/60Hz setting

• High-performance DSP processor, precision and fast data processing with high reliability

• Cold start (DC power on)

• Auto restart functions

• Extended battery pack for long service time

• RS232 and USB port

• SNMP card slot available

Model Name DS1000I DS2000I DS3000I DS6000I DS10000I
Topology True On-Line Double Conversion
On-battery Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Maximum Capacity 1000VA / 900W 2000VA / 1800W 3000VA / 2700W 6000VA / 1800W 3000VA / 2700W
Crest Ratio 03:01
Nominal Voltage 220 / 230 / 240Vac (Settable)
Nominal Frequency 50 / 60Hz (Settable)
Nominal Voltage Range 176-288Vac
Nominal Frequency Range 40-70Hz
Nominal voltage 220 / 230 / 240Vac (± 1 %, battery mode)
Nominal Frequency 50 / 60Hz (± 0.1 %, battery mode)
Transfer Time Line to Battery Mode 0ms
Inverter to Bypass 2ms 0ms
Start on Battery Yse
Auto Restart Yes
Number of Outlets (Battery backup) 4 (IEC 10A) 4 (IEC 10A) 4 (IEC 10A) + Termimal Termimal Termimal
Maximum Effeciency 86% 91% 91% 94% 95%
(Line mode & Battery fully charged)
Data Line Surge Protection RJ11/RJ45
Overload Capability Line Mode 105%~130%:shutdown after 1mins, 131%~150%:shutdown after 30s 105%~130%:shutdown after 5mins,
131%~150%:shutdown after 1mins
Battery Mode 105%~130%:shutdown after 10s, 131%~150%:shutdown after 5s 105%~130%:shutdown after 1mins,
131%~150%:shutdown after 30s
Over Current Protection Circuit Breaker
Configuration 36V (12V 7Ah ×3) 72V (12V 7Ah ×6) 96V (12V 7Ah ×8) 240V (12V 7Ah ×20) 240V (12V 9Ah ×20)
Backup Time (80% Load) 4~6mins 6~8mins 6~8mins 3~5mins 4~6mins
Recharge Time to 90%(Typical) <8 Hours
Extended Battery Pack (Optional) BP 1KIL BP 2KIL BP 3KIL BP 6KIL BP 10KIL
36V (12V 7Ah ×6) 72V(12V 7Ah ×6) 96V(12V 7Ah ×16) 240V(12V 7Ah ×20) 240V (12V9Ah ×20)
Display LED+LCD (Rectifier/Bypass/Inverter/Battery)
Alarm Battery mode / UPS faults / Overload
Communication port RS232 and USB
SNMP Manageable Yes (Optional)
Operation Temperature 0~40ºC / 32~104ºF
Storage Temperature 0~70ºC / -32~158ºF
Relative Humidity 0~95% Non condensing
Dimension (W×D×H) Physical 144×353×222 mm 190×374×336 mm 190×426×336 mm 190×426×705 mm 190×485×705 mm
Packing 240×448×320 mm 310×495×440 mm 310×547×440 mm 310×547×850 mm 310×547×850 mm
Weight Net 12Kg 21Kg 25.6Kg 56Kg 60Kg
Packing 13Kg 22.5Kg 27.5Kg 60Kg 65Kg