Brand: Nguồn điện liên tục - Opti UPS

DS-E33 LF 10-400KVA

Perfect UPS system protection functionality:
• Inverter output short circuit protection
• High voltage utility protection
• UPS input high and low voltage protection
• Battery polarity inverse connection protection
• Over temperature protection (rectifier, inverter, static bypass)
• Overload protection
• Battery over charge protection
• Over current protection (rectifier, inverter)
• Parallel wiring fault protection
• Wrong phase sequence, phase lost protection
• Mishandle manual maintenance switch protection

Store capacity for 1000 items of historical record:
Records status information, parameter abnormalities, fault alarms, so as to analyze equipment failure.

ECO function (bypass preference, project mode):
When the utility is comparatively stable (input voltage ±10%, frequency ±3%), ECO function could be started under project mode, followed by the UPS running efficiency reaching over 98%.

Double DSP digital control:
• Higher speed running, more precise
• Adopts double DSP chip dealing with rectifier and inverter
• Avoid the inherent parameter drift
• Strong systematic function, perfect protection.

Model Name DS10KE33 LF DS20KE33 LF DS30KE33 LF DS40KE33 LF DS50KE33 LF DS60KE33 LF DS80KE33 LF
Topology True On-line, Doudle Conversion, Low Frequency
On-battery output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Maximum Capacity 10KVA / 9KW 20KVA / 18KW 30KVA / 27KW 40KVA / 36KW 50KVA / 45KW 60KVA / 54KW 80KVA / 72KW
Rectifier constitution three-phase-control rectify
Voltage 380/400/415 Vac ±25%
Rectifier Frequency range 40~70 Hz
SYNC Frequency Tracking range 50/60 Hz ±10%
Phase 3Φ4W+GND
Battery voltage 348Vdc
Charging Current 10-40A settable
Phase 3Φ4W+GND
Voltage L-N: 220/230/240Vac   L-L: 380/400/415Vac ±1%
Frequency normal Main power: synchronous tracking automatically; abnormal Main power: 50/60Hz  (battery mode)
Unbalance three-phase
voltage stabilization with full load voltage stabilization with full load
≤2%, compatible 100% unbalance
Wave form Sine wave, THD<3% at linear load
Switch time 0ms
Efficiency ≥90%
Overload capacity 125% of rated load last for 10 mins, 150% of rated load last for 1min
Maintenance switch Maintenance switch with no switch time
Start-up provided with DC start up function
Protect function Output short circuit, Overload, Over-temperature, battery low voltage, Output over/low voltage
LCD display Input voltage/ Frequency, Output voltage, Battery voltage, Load, DC current etc.
LED display Work status of UPS and fault indication
Alarm function AC input abnormal, Low battery, Overload, Failure
Battery test function Present (for details see battery test control in LCD display operation)
Communication function Modbus RS485, dry connection communication signal
SNMP SNMP slot (standard) / SNMP card (optional)
Noise <65dB
Cooling Fans
Operating Temperature 0~40°C
Relative Humidity 0~95%, No condensation
Physical (W×D×H)
500×800×1180 mm 800×800×1600 mm 1000×800×1800 mm
Weight (Net) 200kg 240kg 290kg 450kg 470kg 490kg 690kg